lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Vast Yard

Vast yard, your patches of grass and coppery earth
are now the hiding place of my fugitive soul.
The grave of my truncated yearnings, that's you vast yard.

A tiny ribbon of sun escaped through the cloud laden sky
dancing softly with weightless white flowers
scattered everywhere, beside a wall of calcareous stone
after the showery seven o'clock rain.

Moisture drips into my skin and onto the ground, while the rain drops
still cling to the brims of the leaves trying not to fall.
I breathe the mist, the shade and the aromas of the earth so wet
but there creeps the hour to part and I have to leave.

We have already said our good-byes.
I can only sigh once again and leave you
vast yard... and out of your life.

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